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Stories of September 11

Contributed by: victoria
Contributor's location on 9/11: Fulton Street, NYC
Contributed on: July 11, 2002

I was exiting the subway station the morning of September 11th at the Broadway Nassau stop(2 blocks away from 2WTC) and was on my way to begin my work day on the 93rd floor there.

As I walked up the subway stairs to Fulton street I could sense something was wrong. The usually bustling street had halted and the heads of pedestrians were bent backwards and their eyes were fixed to the sky. I could hear light sobs comming from a women and asked her what was wrong..

"A plane hit the tower and people are jumping out of the building," she said.

Her words were puntuated by the second plane crashing into the South Tower. The sound resonated in my ears.
All the pedestrians fled east down Fulton Street towards the water. My feet were still in climbing stair/subway mode (as I was only on street level for appoximately 40 seconds)so I flipped right back around and headed back downstairs towards the train. I was so shooken up I could barely swipe my metro card at the turnstyle. When I made it through I starded screeming at strangers..

'Don't go upstairs there are bombs up there.'
I had no idea what I was saying as I ran down the ramp.

I waited for the next uptown train. I got on. It stopped at the Chambers Street World Trade Center stop (right underneath the building) and people got out. I still didn't know what was going on and if I had to go into the office or not. So, I got out at the following stop, Canal Street to have a look.

When I got out of the train all the faces were looking South and when I looked South I could feel the beginnings of a lump welling in my throat and my upper lip started to quiver.

The second tower was now burning.

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