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Stories of September 11

Contributed by: Carlos Oquendo
Contributor's location on 9/11: Working in the NYC TRANSIT (TRAINS)
Contributed on: September 11, 2002

I am a subway conductor for NYC Transit and I work the #5 train. On that morning I was operating my train Downtown on my way to Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. When my partner and I arrived to Brooklyn I was told by passsenger that 2 plains had crashed into the World Trade Center. That morning we left late from Flatbush we got rerouted from our normal route. Even though we took longer than what we normally do I new something was wrong. When the train pulled into Chamber Street at that moment when I opened the door I heard the dispatcher over the radio that Rector Street Station had collapsed. At that moment I seen a cloud of white smoke come into the station at tha moment I made an announcement to the passengers to get back on the train immediately for some reason everyone listen and got on the train and I closed the door and we left the station. One thing that I want to add to the story is that we were the lucky ones that day cause just like Rector St Station colapse It could had happended at Chambers were we was at for that moment. I saw on everyones face that worry look which I also had myself.

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