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Stories of September 11

Contributed by: Joseph
Contributor's location on 9/11: School, Oshawa Ontario Canada
Contributed on: September 3, 2007

On that morning, I got to my classroom. Our teacher wrote on the board the topis she wanted us to write for our daily journal. The teachers lounge was right next door with their tv turned on. I then heard the words explosions, Pentagon, and airplanes. At first I didn't believe it. I asked my teacher what was going on and she told me to wait and closed the door. Around 10 mins later she came back and told us to watch the tv. They warned us what to expect, they turned it on and I saw the WTC and Pentagon in flames. I then told people that the nature of war has changed for years to come and that we all will be at war. I will still remember 09/11 forever. God bless those who dided and who are effectected by that event.

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