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Stories of September 11

Contributed by: Melissa Holcomb
Contributor's location on 9/11: At work, Fulton, MS
Contributed on: July 21, 2007

I had just gotten to work that morning and had gotten settled in. I had turned on my mini black and white radio /tv to the morning show so I could listen to the show as I always did. This was a big week I was marrying my soul mate on Saturday the 15th and his family and friends would be arriving on Thursday since he was from OKlahoma.
I did not comprehend for a few moments what was going on and then I went and got my co-workers and we all stood there staring at the little 5" black and white tv with fuzzy reception and didn't say a word for what seemed like forever. Then as they were telling that it was for sure a jet airliner the second jet hit. I remember thinking "How stupid can you be?" No one knew or could believe what was happening and you didn't have time to assimulate one event before the next thing happened.
I called my fiance and said to turn the radio on and he siad what station and I said it doesn't matterthat the World trade Center had been crashed into and it was very bad. Before he could even turn on the radio the first tower fell and I said Oh my GOd its gone and then he was listening and we were quiet.
We got married on the 15th and some of his family and friends still came but they all had to drive since there were no planes flying. We had booked a cruise and they wouldn't give us a refund. So we went we were the first flight out of Memphis, TN and I was so scared I could barely function but everyone kept saying don't let them win by making you afraid. It was so hard to be on our honeymoon and for all the other people on the boat as well, it was awkward.
I will never forget, not ever.

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