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Stories of September 11

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It was about 7:35am CST on a beautiful September morning when we the 2 kids & I boarded our newly purchased '95 Windstar. My son JJ, & his friend Nick, who lived kitty corner across the street, had just started 6th grade. We pulled out of our driveway, as we did every...[more]

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I remember that morning as if it was yesterday. I was starting my day with my 1 year old daughter. My husband was getting ready for work. Life was good! How was I to know that a couple of hours later I would be a heap on the floor, crying my eyes out. I'm from...[more]

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I was not near the tragedy, however, I've been having requring dreams of the two buildings. they where terrible. And real.

I feel I was affected, because I used to work in the child care center in one of the buildings.

The dream I had goes like: I was in NY,...[more]

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I was at work at UCL and my mom phoned me telling me a plane crashed into WTC. I laughted, replying that it would have brought donw the tower, so it would have been impossible for such a Nation to let it happen. I had no TV at home so I stayed at work. And I notice an...[more]

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Past, Present, Future
by David Boyne
copyright 2002
All rights reserved

There is no Future.

But of course, you are free to not believe me.

The Future is an idea—a clever idea—but it is just one more of Man’s many clever ideas.


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I was in the shower and my husband was still in bed. I heard the pounding of the running feet as our two teenage sons came, full-speed, down the hallway to our bedroom and pounded on the door yelling to us to turn the TV on. By the time I got my robe on they and my...[more]

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