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Stories of September 11

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As told by a fellow 32BJ member:

Robert Leary is a 53-year-old who worked in the Amex building across the street from WTC.

He had just finished moving boxes on the 35th floor of the building when he heard a big bang. 'I thought it was construction noise,' he...[more]

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As told by another 32BJ member:

Carmen Griffith, an elevator operator at the World Trade Center, was on an elevator that morning of the tragedy. Having just dropped off six people at Cantor Fitzgerald, her elevator was on the way down with several passengers in tow....[more]

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Like so many immigrants to the United States, Nafija Lekic works hard as a maintenance worker who cleans offices.

Until the day of the attack on the World Trade Center, she worked at the 225 Liberty building -- just a stone's throw from the towers.

'I was very...[more]

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My name is Ann and I work for a hearing aid manufacturer in Norcross, GA. I would like to encourage our company to participate in relief efforts and I would like to propose to our management that your NYC group needs our help. If you can, I need to know what other...[more]

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Local 32BJ member and Shop Steward Arlene Charles was on the 78th floor of the World Trade Center when terrorists crashed a plane into the building. 'It got dark and smoky. I couldn't see nothing. Stuff was falling and in the air. So I hid under my desk,' Arlene said....[more]

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In viewing our website for the first time, I could not help but fill up when I saw the Justice for Janitors logo. I immediately thought of the window-washers on the 102nd floor.

Just in case it's do-able, I'd like to share my vision. I'd love to see the streets...[more]

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