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Stories of September 11

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As told by another 32BJ member:

'So many people were lost. Some were young, some old. It's so very sad. I can't tell you how bad I feel,' said Gashi Naxhija, a 40-year-old World Trade Center worker. 'When the buildings went down, I lost my uncle.'

Mon Gjombalaj,...[more]

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Nagjija Gjidija, a 53-year-old elevator operator, worked at the World Trade Center for 30 years.

'The World Trade Center was my second home. The people were my second family. I loved it there,' Nagjija said. She was scheduled to work at the time of the terrorist...[more]

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Ivan Almendarez was a maintenance worker in Building 1 of the World Trade Center. 'I usually work on the concourse, but I was in the basement, charging up my radio and getting some supplies, when the first plane hit,' Ivan said.

'The impact was so great, everything...[more]

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'I thought it was a bomb, or maybe an earthquake. The whole building shook for minutes. The impact threw me across the floor,' said John Cretella, who was on the 61st floor of the World Trade Center's Building 1 when the plane crashed. John, 41, had 19 years on the job...[more]

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Judy Micheels, 42, has been a maintenance worker at the World Trade Center for four years. She and her 19-year-old daughter, who is a tour guide, both escaped safely. However, Judy's coworker hasn't been seen since the tragedy hit.

'Manny Molina is my partner. I was...[more]

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WTC Bldg 2, Lobby Worker, 13 months on the job

Sal Iraci was living in Italy, a little more than a year ago, when he returned to his native New York to look for work. 'There wasn't any work there (in Italy). So I came home,' Sal said. He landed a job at the World...[more]

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