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The Occident and the Orient: 9-11 or 1-01

Fentahun Tiruneh


     On 1/2000 I began to experience terror,
     A personal plague,
     Psoriasis with large plaque.
     Something I never dreamt to have to bear.

Since then I have managed to live with my new self
with compromised "immunity" and warped life.
I was somebody, I was shining, I was robust
Till that New Year of the Occident.
What a tragedy to witness
In the New Year of the East,
When Ethiopians were to celebrate
In a sunny morning of September 2001
Hits a terror that warped and compromised
all of life in the West.

     Is there a lesson in this? I have asked since
     for there is no accident or coincidence
     as from the good books I've read.
     No matter how I loathe, how I dread
     The effects of my psoriasis I was awarded
     For the apocalypse of the new Millennium.
     What is in this for America,
     My new Ethiopia in the West,
     Which was called to wake up
     In the New Year of the Orient.

The Twin Towers bring to mind the confusion
that struck the Towers of Babel of the East,
A wake up call of the Orient.
Why the Towers of the West?
Why? Why? Why?
Tower after Tower!
Terror for terror!
Violence for violence!
The East and the West
Love is begging to be understood
Lost in the mire of fallen humanity!!

Note: The New Year for Ethiopians rests on September 11.

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