[Embracing the Memory: A collection 
recalling September 11, 2001]

Introduction Barbara Conaty
9/11/2002 in the Eternal City:
Photographs and Reflections from Rome
Levon Avdoyan
Notes from My Monthly Trends Myron Briggs
My 9/11 Yvonne French
Untitled (Collage) Annlinn Grossman
Firefighters' Memorial Statue Jeffrey Guide
When Everything Changed Margaret Holley
Five Poems and Paintings Carol Kochhar-Bryant
Peter Scott Newitt
Stormy Weather Report Janet L. Meeks
Osama bin Laden Glenn Logan Reitze
The Loss of Innocence Stephanie Ruvinsky
911 - Why? Phyllis Thomas
The Occident and the Orient:
9-11 or 1-01
Fentahun Tiruneh
United They Stand / After September 11, 2001 Marilyn B. Wassmann

About Our Contributors

Dedicated to the Library of Congress employees who lost family members and friends at the attack on the Pentagon and the collapse of the World Trade Center

Project Committee: Alice L. Birney, Tim Carlton, Barbara Conaty (editor), Robert Handloff, Robin L. Hatziyannis, Jennifer Manning, Sharon A. McKinley, Tom Neale, Joe Pagano, Laverne Page, Larisa Pastuchiv, Tanya Pearson, Mary Lou Reker, Colleen Wallace

Library of Congress Professional Association

January, 2003