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Digial del 11 de Septiembre

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Cuentos del 11 de Septiembre

Participe en c÷mo se cuenta la historia del 11 de septiembre. Presente su historia personal. 
			Sus experiencias no tienen que haber sido en o cerca de las ½reas directamente afectadas, ni tienen que ser historias especialmente her÷icos o 
			espeluznantes. Pueden ser recuerdos cortos o mucho m½s largos contando como Ud. o la gente que Ud. conoce han sido afectdos por 9/11. TambiÚn puede hojear o buscar historias en la colecci÷n pþblica.
Si prefiere contar sus experiencas sobre 9/11 por teléfono, llame nuestra línea gratis: (877) 885 8657.

Oiga una entrevista de radio sobre el Archivo Digital del 11 de Septiembre, presentado en La Mega 97.9 y WADO.


Las torres gemelas Una Impresión Equivocada

John A. Gutierrez cuenta sus impresiones sobre el 11 de septiembre.

"Iba cruzando la Quinta Avenida cuando mire hacia el sur para observar las torres gemelas. El dia estaba clarisimo..." [más]


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My most vivid memory of Sept. 11 was the noise I heard when the first plane hit The Tower. On Hudson Street in Greenwich Village (just under a mile away), it sounded as if a huge steel pipe had fallen from some scafolding close by, yet far away.
I learned of what had...[more]

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I watched the attacks on television and that morning reported into my Chapter in Santa Rosa California. I put my name on the list as available and shortly after September 11 was sent to Brooklyn as a Family Services worker. I was assigned with a team of seven others,...[more]

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Our school principal came to tell each teacher personally about what had happened. She asked us not to tell the students, and since I teach young ones, I didn't. Several, however, could tell that we were upset about something. At lunch, several of us gathered and...[more]

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Before I break into story I would like to send out my deepest sympathy to the everyone who lost loved ones on this horrible day. To the firemen, police, cleanup crew, survivors, volunteers and anyone else who wanted to be there to help I can't be more thankful to you...[more]

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It occured to me that there have been many books written about September 11th, 2001, but most of them are from the standpoint of people who have intimate knowledge of the damage done that day. I have no intimate knowledge of the damage done that day. The closest the...[more]

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As I sit here and try to collect my thoughts about the day I feel a wave of emtions wash over. The pain is still with me, I guess.My story is as follows.
I worked at Ronald Reagen national airport as a telephone technician. I was in my office when a coworker...[more]

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