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The Archive gathers digital presentations created by a variety of individuals and organizations in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks and their aftermath and designed for distribution over the World Wide Web. The Archive collects and presents these items to preserve the historical record. These materials do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the Archive or its staff.

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A Bin Laden Christmas
     "A Bin Laden Christmas" [Flash file, New Blitz Films, 2001, 3:42 seconds] This animation combines a Christmas rhyme with the image of Bin Laden in his small snow-surrounded home waiting for Saint Nick to bring him presents. Saint Nick appears in the shape of a US GI. Warning: Some viewers may find the content of this digital creation offensive.

Anthrax the invisible victim
     Anthrax the invisible victim [Flash file, Mike Overbeck, 2001, 1:28 minutes] Satirical animated cartoon from the point of view of the anthrax spores, with the "anthrax ambassador" and a U.S. defender arguing that killing anthrax spores with antibiotics is morally wrong.

Asociación Tepeyac
     [Flash file, Asociación Tepeyac, 2001] Using graphics and photos, this file describes the efforts of Asociación Tepeyac to assist Latino workers and their families affected by the September 11. Asociación Tepeyac is a Latino immigrant advocacy organization focusing on New York metropolitan area Mexican American communities.

Bad Dudes vs. Osama Bin Laden
      [Flash File, Tom Fulp/Newgrounds.com, 2001, 30 seconds] Through the Rambo look-alike, Bad Dude, players in this game fight Osama Bin Laden with their bare hands, set in an Arab market. Introduced and closed by a call for “people of every race” to “join together against a common enemy” rather than engage in “misguided” anti- Arab attacks.

Bin Laden Hunt: Turban Shooting
     [Flash File, flashspirit.com, 2001, 12 seconds] A game whose goal is to eliminate Osama Bin Laden, but with a surprise ending that gives the conflict a different interpretation.

Bin Laden's Halloween
     "Bin Laden's Halloween" [Flash file, Entertainmail Net 2001, 6:33 seconds] In a twist of events President Bush decides to reconcile with Bin Laden and to invite him to the USA as a guest. Once here, Bin Laden is introduced to American traditions, including Big Macs, upon which he almost chokes. He then appears on "Harry Thing Live," reveals his secret affair with a Camel on the "Jeppy Singer Show," and receives an aesthetic make over on the "Hoppra Wiffey Show." Eventually "Harry Thing" reports that "freedom has driven Bin Laden mad," and Bin Laden is subsequently hospitalized in an asylum. The song "Living in America" accompanies this satirical animation.

     BinDumbShit [Mpeg file, Anonymous, 2001, 23 seconds] Manipulated footage of Osama Bin Laden preparing to give a statement outside of his cave when a U.S. missile targets a sensitive area.

Blow Up Osama Bin Laden
     [Flash File, LunarMultimedia.com, 2001, 3:00 minutes] Three linked satirical animations representing ways Osama Bin Laden could be destroyed, along with professional music and sound effects. Begins with a reminder that this game is directed against terrorism and not Arabs, Muslims or the nation of Islam.

Burn in Hell Osama
     [Flash File, web xeo, 2001?, 20 seconds] A single shot by a dark brown figure finishes Bin Laden; a simple but effective animation with vivid lines and scrawled lettering.

Can't Cry Hard Enough
     [Flash File, Jason Powers, 2001, 3:54 minutes] Memorial to the victims of 9/11. Originally sent by e-mail to 20 friends, this digital creation has now reportedly been seen by over 20 million people worldwide.

CNNN: America Hits Back or Taliban Women’s Revolt
     "CNNN: America Hits Back or Taliban Women’s Revolt" [Flash file, Swenson studios, 2001, 4:46 seconds] This animation imagines a Taliban press conference: while a bearded spokesperson crows about the glories of both Osama Bin Laden and Taliban rule in Afghanistan, various burqa wearing female figures lined up behind seemingly undermine his message by exposing themselves and causing other havoc. An absurd parody of events in Afghanistan. Warning: Some viewers may find the content of this digital creation offensive.

Crossover Battle
     [Flash file, New Dimension Productions/ Vic Viper, 2001, 5:45 minutes] Osama Bin Laden and his henchmen in their headquarters are challenged by "Baby Bonnie.Hood" who resembles the fairy tale character Little Red Riding Hood until she pulls out a machine gun, does a few flips and calls Chun-li and pilot Charlie for backup. The second part is a video game in which viewers participate in the battle. Images include graphic violence which may offend some viewers Characters B.B. Hood, Chun-li and Charlie were created by Capcom

     Diplomacy [Flash file, Mike Overbeck, 2001, 1:07 minutes] Satirical animation shows peace marchers bringing out the love for the U.S. in Osama Bin Laden's heart, but he finds they bring a surprise, too. This digital creation appeared widely on the net, and -- according to About.com -- been downloaded tens of millions of times.

Endless Cycle?
     Endless Cycle? [Mov file, Nishan Kazazian, 2001, 1:50 minutes] Kazazian created this work to address the parallels he perceives between the events of September 11, 2001, and the Armenian genocide that compelleded his father to leave his native country at age 6. The work challenges us to be more than silent emotionless mannequins, oblivious to the suffering around us, raising our heads only briefly before going back to our daily routines. This animation was first shown at the Art Resources Transfer Gallery in New York City.

Hi-Res Version (warning: this file is extremely large and may take five to ten minutes to download.)

Falling Snow
     "Falling Snow" [Flash file, Rob DenBleyker, 2001, 2:02 seconds] To the tune of Jingle Bells performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra we are witness to snow flakes falling onto the Al Qaieda desert hideout. The soldiers and Bin Laden enjoy the snow until a letter dropped from an American airplane reveals that falling flakes are anthrax powder and not snow.

FBI Screening Exam
     FBI Screening Exam [Flash file, National Lampoon, 2001] An animated satire that imagines an FBI screening exam for new agents wherein recruits are asked whether the individuals represented in series of photographs are "An international terrorist or an innocent civilian (in this case, a randomly-selected group of computer programmers)"?

Fry Osama Bin Laden
     Fry Osama Bin Laden [Flash file Anonymous, 2001, 0:25 + seconds] This animation begins with an image of Osama Bin Laden strapped into an electric chair. Viewers are invited to click start and chose from three voltage stages -- 1,000, 10,000 or 1,000,000 volts – with which to electrocute him. The consequence of each choice is depicted with graphics and sound effects.

Happy Halloween
     Happy Halloween [Flash file, Mike Overbeck, 2001, 39 seconds] A U.S. helicopter brings Halloween treats to Bin Laden's forces in the Afghan hills.

I told you I would…
     "I told you I would…" [Flash file, Therapy Movies, 2001, 0:25 seconds] To the tune of marching band music an animated Uncle Sam figure pisses on the graves of Sad Ham Insane (Saddam Hussein) and Not Been Laden (Osama Bin Laden). Created by Grafxman.

Josh Sez
     [Flash file, anonymous, 2001?, untimed] An image of a naked OBL and the Empire State Building in an uncomfortable position. With driving music and profanity. Warning: Viewers may find the content of this digital creation offensive.

Kill Bin Laden
     [Flash File, anonymous, 2001?, 38, seconds] Interactive digital animation offering four ways to kill Osama Bin Laden plus an explanation of several terrorist acts attributed to Bin Laden.

     Liberty [Flash File, ActForChange, 2001, 3:12 minutes] A call to protect civil liberties and the U.S. Constitution in the wake of September 11th by the advocacy organization, ActforChange. Website: www.workingforchange.com

Lime Time Television presents, "Oh, Samma!" Or "Bin Latté "
     "Lime Time Television presents, "Oh, Samma!" Or "Bin Latté " [Flash file, 2001, 0:19 seconds] Animation with Osama Bin Laden's head on a small figure wearing army fatigues. Slowly a cannon approaches the figure and bombs it. Drawing and animation by Scooter Mc Grooter.

Local Forecast
     "Local Forecast" [Flash file, 2001, 0:43 seconds] To the tune of the Weather Channel Grove, the forecast informs of the weather of Afghanistan, which is partly cloudy with bombs on Friday, apocalyptic on Saturday and destroyed on Sunday. By Garry 009.

Locate the Enemy
     Locate the Enemy [Flash file, Anonymous, 2001, game] In a very simple animation of a turbaned figure, viewers are invited to bomb the figure with American made bombs. The animation is somewhat interactive. Images include graphic violence, which may offend some viewers

Mission Objective: Kill Bin Laden
     [Flash File, Felipe Velasquez, voices by Josh Sipple, 2001?, 38 seconds] Interactive digital animation in the form of a game, using photographs and pop-up targets of Bin Laden, in front of a mosque.

Mr. T v. Bin Laden
     [Flash File, Goto 10 Productions, 2001?, 1:24 minutes] While Colin Powell and President Bush talk, Mr. T drives his van from Mexico to Afganistan to finish with Osama Bin Laden; meanwhile the Twin Towers are rebuilt as five, with a clear message. In comic book style, with scanned images and balloon dialogue.

New Recruit
     "New Recruit" [Flash file, Chris Miller, 2001, 3:41 seconds]In this animation a menagerie of science fictions characters -– including Lex Luther, Chita and Brainiac -- applaud Bin Laden for destroying the Tower of Justice and invite him to join the world group of evil masterminds. An annoyed Bin Laden relies that he destroyed the World Trade Center, not the Tower of Justice! Bin Laden continues to insult the characters at hand, while they question him for killing so many innocents. Eventually the group is so angered by his attitude that send him to another world where he is shot in the head for his disrespect. Warning: Some viewers may find the content of this digital creation offensive.

New York
     [Flash File, Moffstarr, 2001?, 1:47 minutes] Two planes streak through a nearly cloudless blue sky to explode on contact with the twin towers; even the Statue of Liberty is felled in the resulting destruction. In response, the missile that the US President launches directly from the White House finds its target high in the mountains of Afganistan. With drawn animation, scanned images and sound effects.

Objective: Eliminate Saddam Hussein
     [flash file, Gerbers*, 2001, 27 seconds] Animated game in which viewer-players choose tried and true cartoon techniques to finish off Iraq's president. Caution: declining to play opens several porn web-pages to viewer's screen.

On the Run Again
     On the Run Again [Flash file, Anonymous, 1:19 minutes] Osama Bin Laden sings this lament with original lyrics in an animated cartoon. Accompanied by a chorus line of Taliban supporters, Bin Laden runs from his cave to find shelter while pursued by President Bush, Secretary of State Powell, and U.S. bombs.

One Tuesday
     [Flash File, FazyCruck, 2001, 54 seconds] This flash file uses some of the most dramatic photos of the destruction of the World Trade Towers and its immediate aftermath, combined with deeply affecting music. This emotionally effective meditation of photos, text and music concludes with a quote from Machiavelli, the medieval Italian political strategist, that “war cannot be stopped.” Ferretcircus@hotmail.com Pictures courtesy Gary Cameron/Reuters, music courtesy “Summertime Overture” by Clint Mansell and the Kronos Quartet

Osama and the Camel
     "Osama and the Camel" [Flash file, BEET, 2001, 0:51 seconds] Bin Laden downloads computer instructions for an Iraqi rocket launcher which employs a camel. Bin Laden and a soldier take their camel aside to try out the new device. The camel stomps them to death.

Osama Bin Hidin
     [Flash file, osamabinhiding.freewebspace.com, 1:00 minute] A game giving players 60 second to shoot as many targets as possible in a photo-collage landscape of the mountains of Afganistan. Players are ranked at the end.

Osama Bin Laden in Fist of Allah
     "Osama Bin Laden in Fist of Allah" [Flash file, 2001, 0:31 seconds] Animation. In a torture dungeon Osama Bin Laden is being sodomized by a masked S/M figure. He is then guillotined. All action is set to dialogue and music from the 1994 film Pulp Fiction, directed by Quentin Tarantino. Images include graphic violence, which may offend some viewers

Osama Bin Laden: Nowhere to run- nowhere to hide
     Osama Bin Laden: Nowhere to run- nowhere to hide [Flash file, Anonymous, 2:01 minutes] Animation featuring Secretary of State colin Powell singing a version of Day-O to Osama Bin Laden in the mountains of Afganistan, with by George W. Bush accompanying on drums.

Osama's Cave
     [Flash File, Anonymous, 2001, 2:26 minutes] Satirical digital creation widely distributed by e-mail. Warning: Some viewers may find the content of this digital creation offensive

Osama's Last Video
     Osama's Last Video [Flash file, Joe Cartoon , 2001, 2:10 minutes] An animated cartoon figure of Osama Bin Laden explains his actions, and attributing them to the pop-singer Madonna's "Truth or Dare" film. Osama watches a scantily clad woman dance before being killed. Some viewers may find the content of this digital creation offensive.

Osama's Last Video (Italian)
     [Flash file, Nicola Brusco, January 2002, Italian, 5:59 minutes] In this Italian language animation, a television news anchorman introduces a video clip – reportedly obtained through an anonymous member of Al-Qaeda -- in which Bin Laden presents his last message to the world. In the clip, Bin Laden both prays profusely and coughs continuously. After a few sentences, however, he changes style and commences to lament the ways in which his life has gone awry. He had, he informs us, originally wanted to become a lawyer. But now – despite his wealth – he finds himself living in caves with camels. Osama then professes that he had not really intended to cause such pain, and that his actions now trouble him so profoundly that he can neither sleep or defecate. He continues by explaining that he suffers from dreams in which dogs bark "Bush, Bush." Further, he worries that if steps outside of his caves, "They will ‘colander’ me" (employing an expression in Italian meaning "to make a colander of"; in other words, to be shot full of holes). Osama then declares that his situation is so dire, he can’t even get to Switzerland to get plastic surgery on his face. He finishes with a poem, dedicated to the terrorists that immolated themselves on 9/11. They wanted, Bin Laden recites, to change the world in the most violent way but they failed to realize that killing changes nothing. Finally, Osama declares he wants his money and youth back, that Jihad is garbage, and begs for forgiveness. The animation ends with the theme-song from the Italian version of the TV show "Mork and Mindy," and Bin Laden finishes his address with Mork’s signature "Nanoo-Nanoo" hand gesture.

Osama's Super-Secret Cave of Evil
     Osama's Super-Secret Cave of Evil [Flash file, National Lampoon, 2001, 3:26 minutes] An animated caricature representing strategy discussions between Osama and his inner circle.

     "Osamafeld" [Flash file, 2001] Set in the diner of the familiar "Seinfeld" television series, this animation superimposes images of Osama Bin Laden, Libya's Colonel Mohammar Ghaddaffi, Saddam Hussein, and Diane Sawyers on the bodies of sitcom’s characters: Jerry, Kramer, George and Elaine. The four engage in banter, with Osama Bin Laden as "Osamafeld."

Our Holiday Party
     [Mov file, Karlin+Pimsler, Inc, 2001, 1:19 minutes] Satirical digital creation produced by an advertising firm in New York City for their holiday party.

Play Bitch
     A mock nature documentary in which the host turns his animal hunting skills on the "fierce and elusive" Osama Bin Laden; and once captured subjects him to several surgical operations.

     [Flash file, FOUG, 2001?, 20 seconds] A short animation in which a sick looking Osama bin Laden eats from a toilet.

     Priceless [Flash file, Anonymous, 2001, 0:28 seconds] Based on MasterCard's television advertisements, this simple satire imagines shooting Osama Bin Laden.

     [Flash file, Maximina production, 2001? 2:33 minutes] Beautiful digital photos tell the story of the destruction of the Twin Towers and the rescue efforts, while driving rock anthem and text challenge the attackers, “Did you think this would frighten us?” and warn that “You have awakened the sleeping dragon, and soon it will send you to your judgement” / “Prepare for revelations. This is the war of your doom.”

Safer Skies
     "Safer Skies" [Flash file, Rob Floor, 2001, 1:28 seconds] This animation shows the passengers in a US Air flight getting increasingly nervous about a bearded and dark complexioned passenger sitting among them. When this passenger harmlessly unwraps a cake to eat it, the passenger next to him takes out a gun and shoots him. Warning: Some viewers may find the content of this digital creation offensive.

Shi'ite Camel
     Shi'ite Camel [Flash file, Anonymous, 2001, 0:26 minutes] An animated caricature representing Osama Bin Laden as the result of camel laxative use.

Shoot Bin Laden. The Anti-Terrorist Shooting Game
     [Flash file, greentreestudio, 2001?, untimed] Another digital animation in the form of a game. This one appears more complex than most, with a list of rules, different levels and options, but ends with the same result.

Smash Osama Bin Laden
     [Flash File, Anonymous, 2001, 12 seconds] A simple interactive where the player/viewer drops a one-ton anvil on top of bin Laden.

Snow White
     [Flash file, Flowgo.com, 2001, 1:22 minutes] Animated cartoon featuring Osama Bin Laden and his associates as the seven dwarfs, George W. Bush as Snow White, and the poisoned apple as a dangerous treat with predictable results for Bin Laden.

So, you wanna kill me, huh?
     [Flash file, anonymous, 2001, 4 seconds+] Viewers are asked to choose a method of attacking Osama Bin Laden from a "weapons selection panel," ranging from shaving to nuclear bomb. The consquences of each is depicted on a photograph of Bin Laden and with sound effects.

Star Wars: Attack on the Primitive Desert Dwellers
     "Star Wars: Attack on the Primitive Desert Dwellers" [Flash file, Scott Torment 2001, 2:23 seconds] Darth Vader and his master Emperor Palpatine are headed to the Coruscant Megaplex to watch a movie. Vader's attempted short-cut takes them to Bin Laden's desert dwelling where he is stirring Anthrax stew.

     [Flash file, Razor_blade, 2001?,32 seconds] Something of a Star Wars parody where OBL attacks the prospective Jedi warrior and the viewer gets a chance for revenge.

Sultan: The Jihadi Gerbil
     "Sultan: The Jihadi Gerbil" [Flash file, Anuthruhoh Pictshurs, 2001, 1:44 seconds] In this animation, a gerbil dressed in putatively traditional Beduin Arab garb decides to leave his sandbox desert armed with firecrackers in order to commit terrorism at a New York City mall. Warning: Some viewers may find the content of this digital creation offensive.

Supergirls Unite
     Supergirls Unite [Flash file, Anonymous, 49 seconds] When the animated Taliban say, "Women cannot attend schools!" Superwoman, Xena the warrior princess, and other super women do their job.

Tal tal tal tal Taliban
     Tal tal tal tal Taliban [Flash file, Capital Steps, 2001, 1:05 minutes] Digital animation to the tune of Sally Ann, in which Secretary of State Powell, President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney sing about the Taliban's doings and warn them about the threat of U.S. religious zealots. A parody by Capitol Steps www.capsteps.com

Taliban Answering Service
     Taliban Answering Service [Flash file, Section 8, 2001,1:52 minutes] A turbaned Taliban answering the group’s phone receives a call from United States officials demanding that the Taliban hand over Bin Laden or face the consequences, which include bombardment with endless consumer telemarketing.

Taliban Call
     Taliban Call [Flash file, Anonymous, 2:03 minutes] Here the war against the Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban moves to the telephone system in a clever use of sound and telemarketing strategies. Minimally animated.

Taliban Twister
     [Flash file, anonymous, 2001?, 32 seconds] Digital animation showing a Taliban fighter and a burka-robed woman playing a game of Twister; while a friend spins the unique game dial.

The Powderpuff Girls vs. Osama-Bin Laden
     [Flash file, Michael Bregman, 2001, 2:44 minutes] An adaptation of the Cartoon Network program, but this time sending the small superheroes to fight OBL in Afghanistan. Notes that the violence is more than in most PPG episodes, but that this is a way for the author to “vent my anger and pain in a harmless manner.”

The Torture Chamber
     [Flash file, anonymous, 2001?, untimed] A flash file in the form of a game in which OBL is the chained prisoner and the viewer the torturer. Effects are rather surgical.

Torture Osama
     [Flash file, Sadistic Films Production, Johnny Nova, artwork; Peter Daamage, authoring; thephadommenace.com] A game showing a caricature of Bin Laden and a rifle /aim crosshairs, complete with “maimometer.” Viewers are given 3-5 shots at Bin Laden; each successful hit is graphically portrayed.

Trick or Treat
     "Trick or Treat" [Flash file, Innerblitz Card, 2001,1:26 seconds] Computer animation shows an autumn evening landscape in which a Bin Laden figure appears walking towards the door of a New England home. The door opens revealing a Jack-o-Lantern figure who offers Bin Laden a "bio chew" candy. Upon putting the candy in his mouth Bin Laden's eyes and ears start bleeding and he eventually blows up. The Jack-0-Lantern reveals himself as George W. Bush. Warning: Some viewers may find the content of this digital creation offensive.

     [Flash file, Josh Bend, 2001, 1:06] First 23 seconds: Very simple animation and lyrics to the tune of "Unclef**ker" from the movie, "South Park. Bigger, Longer and Uncut" with images of Osama Bin Laden, George. W. Bush and Saddam Hussein.

     [Flash file, Anonymous, 2001, 1:21} Donning a turban and large fake beard, a character taunts a doctored image of Osama Bin Laden with original lyrics to the Saddam Hussein song from "South Park" the movie ("Bigger, Longer and Uncut"). Warning: Some viewers may find the content of this digital creation offensive.

     [Flash file, Rolocymru, 2001, 2:56 minutes] Animation representing the destruction of the World Trade Center and a failed attempt to assasinate Osama Bin Laden is followed by a somewhat interactive game in which viewers are invited to destroy a semi-clothed and fleeing Bin Laden. Warning: Some viewers may find the content of this digital creation offensive

     [Flash file, Chrille C, 1:07 minutes] A song to shooting Saddam -- “We should kill him, would be thrilling...Let’s hunt him down ....” [chk source] is animated with a devil-like figure representing his attacker.

      [Flash File, Anonymous, 2001, 17 seconds] Against a photo-collage background of the ruins of the World Trade Center and swift moving clouds. Animated everyday-woman Amanda dispatches Osama Bin Laden with one swift kick. No sound, repeats until file is closed.

     [Flash File, Iceblade, edited by Swenis, 2001?, 38 seconds] Using a few words and simple graphics against sound bytes from films and the hamster song from South Park this satirical animation seeks world peace by destroying Bin Laden.

     [Flash File, Cupid.com, 2001?, 22 seconds] One of the planes heads towards the World Trade Towers, seen as a reflection in a woman’s eye.

     [Flash File, OrtizanimationZ, 2001?, 40 seconds] A man works at his desk next to a window on the 83rd floor of the World Trade tower as the first plane approaches; then he views the gaping hole in the building across from him.

     [Flash File, anonymous, 2001?, 16 seconds] Showing the attack on the WTC towers intercut with an image of a mother and child on the plane; this digital animation calls for justice, not revenge or retaliation

     [Flash file, anonymous, 2001?, untimed] While an image of OBL’s head darts around the screen, the viewer’s curser becomes a flyswatter, with predictable results.

     [Flash file, greentreestudio, 2001?, untimed] Animation in the form of a duck-shooting game. Viewer/players are given 50 shots to hit a image of OBL’s head moving across the screen.

     [Flash file, Chris/ Mr. Congeniality Films, 2001?, 1:36 minutes] A moving tribute in the form of a slide show, showing the progression of the World Trade Center attacks using images taken from news media and set to well-chosen music. Ends with a acknowledgement to NG users who have lost their loved ones; credits image sources.

Ventriloquism for Dummies
     Ventriloquism for Dummies [Flash file, Flowgo.com, 2001, 1:09 minutes] Bin Laden as a ventriloquist's dummy. Warning: Some viewers may find the content of this digital creation offensive.

We Deliver
     "We Deliver" [Flash file, Syko Sabine Productions, 2001, 0:52 seconds] To the melody of Grieg's Morgenstimmung, a Fed-Ex truck drives through a desert landscape to deliver a package from "mom" to Osama. Once the truck is moving on to its next delivery, a mushroom cloud rises in the distance obliterating Bin Laden's hideout. The next destination is Saddam Hussein's hideout. The theme of this animation is Fed X we deliver! By Michael E. Sabine

Whack Osama
     [Flash file, anonymous, 2001?, untimed] Digital animation in the form of the familiar carnival game of whacking the rodent as it emerges from its hole.

Where Terrorist come from
     [Flash file, Anonymous,2001, 10 seconds] Animation portraying the coupling of a camel and pig with Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

World War 3: The End
      [Flash file, Andrew Stanton, 2001?, 42 seconds] President George W. Bush and OBL fight it out man to man in the desert; but the fight escalates and part of the earth is blown off.